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Kapwise makes it’s easy to plan for your goals like home, car, vacation, marriage, retirement or your favorite goals anytime, anywhere

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You don't need much money to start financial planning

No minimum assets needed, No high income needed to do financial plannning.You just need to have your financial goals to get started. Kapwise app is built to work under your situation to help you to achieve your financial goals.

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Get more savings

Having a financial plan improves savings.Higher savings leads so many good things in life.So why not to create a plan?

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Get aligned with your life goals

Planning makes is easier to achieve your goals. People with financial plan of their goals are more likely to feel strongly confident about achieving their life goals. Your goals deserve a plan

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Get peace of mind

Financial stress is a prevalent source of stress, anxiety, and fear.Plan helps you cope with unexpected events.Plan for what makes you happy. Plan for reality this time

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Get unbiased and personalised planning

Unlike other services we don’t advice you financial products.we only help you with planning of your goals without any biases. Our algorithms are tailored according to your needs.

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Get financial freedom

Freedom is relative. Different for most people. But, the need to control one’s life is shared and supreme. Wellness is that need. Wellness is, waking up and saying, “I can do whatever I want today.” Planning has the power to get you this freedom, bit by bit

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